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Mission Moments: Joseph

At Fora Health, we support everyone with a community of care. Going beyond traditional addiction treatment, our team of qualified professionals provides wrap-around services and ensures patients’ unique needs are met to support their recovery and health.

Joseph recently talked about how important finding community was for his recovery.

I was diagnosed with depression at a very young age. Beginning in my teens, I experienced a lot of loss in my life. I always felt afraid that my relationships would fall apart and disappear from my life. It was hard to create true connections with that fear looming over me. I felt like I was doomed to be alone.

I started using to help me sleep. Then, it was to help with depression or loneliness – 99% of the time, it was self-medicating. I knew that alcohol was a problem very early on, so the issue wasn’t convincing myself that I had a problem; it was convincing myself that something could be done.

One day, I realized that the only chance I had of surviving was to try to stop drinking – so I started looking for treatment options.”

At Fora Health, Joseph found not only the treatment he needed but also a community of caring professionals and like-minded patients working to live new lives in recovery. Through our robust recovery programs and offerings, he found a meditation-oriented recovery option and realized it was an ideal fit.

“When I left treatment, I gave everybody my number! I had a lot of support when I was in treatment, and I was hoping that I could carry some of that forward. Several people kept in touch, and it was encouraging to feel connected after I left Fora Health.

If it hadn’t been for the relationships I established and the things I learned while here, I would never have had a chance.”

We’d like to invite you to be a part of the recovery community and someone’s healing journey through a donation. The recovery community has many individuals contributing in different ways – counselors, educators, nurses, and you! You play a vital role in our recovery community, ensuring individuals seeking treatment can find it at Fora Health.