Outpatient Treatment

We meet people where they are and help them get to where they want to be.

Outpatient treatment must be flexible and effective. In the best-case scenario, it should enable individuals to meet their recovery goals without the need for overnight stays. That’s exactly how our outpatient program works at Fora Health.

Treatment plans are highly personalized to meet the needs and goals of each person who is looking to make a change. The treatment plan includes regular one-on-one therapy sessions with an accredited substance use (or dual diagnosis) counselor, as well as any recommendations for group sessions.

Outpatient treatment is available at both our SE Portland and Hillsboro locations and patients should plan on between 1 and 8 total hours of counseling per week. We also offer expanded hours and limited telehealth options to provide support for busy schedules.


Trauma-Informed and Evidence-Based Treatment

Our outpatient program is trauma-informed and evidence-based. This means that everyone will find compassionate care while acquiring the tools for growth and change that are proven to be effective. The length of an outpatient treatment plan is determined by the individual and their counselor working together to identify and meet personal recovery goals. All treatment plans include detailed after-care plans for continued health and support once someone is ready to end structured treatment.

Fora Health has a well-established program to treat the co-occurring mental health issues that some people experience alongside a substance use disorder. Evidence shows that individuals find greater success in recovery when co-occurring mental health issues—anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or other diagnosed mental health issue—are treated together. Our dual-diagnosis counselors have specialty training to help people navigate these complex diagnoses with skill and understanding.

Individuals enrolled in outpatient services at Fora Health are also invited to explore our dynamic Peer Recovery Mentor and Family Therapy services. These specialty programs can help Fora Health patients find a greater connection to community support and to their loved ones. Peer Mentors are trained professionals with lived experience in recovery who help patients with access to community resources, to develop life skills, and in modeling healthy lifestyles. Family counseling recognizes that substance use disorder affects the whole family. Our Family Therapy service offerings are unique to our region and help individuals and their loved ones, or chosen support networks, build healthy relationships to nurture long-term recovery.

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Providing options for busy people is one reason why our programs exceed a 90% satisfaction rate among patients and their families. Let us answer your questions or set up an appointment today, call (503) 535-1151 or contact us.

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