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What should I bring when I come for residential treatment?
Are personal electronic devices such as laptops allowed?
What is the Medications to Treat Addiction program?
Who is eligible for medications for substance use?
What insurance plans cover this service?
What medications can I receive through the program?
Can Fora Health prescribe me methadone?
I live in Portland and want to get on medications for substance use. Can I be seen at the Cherry Blossom Fora site?
Do you prescribe Subutex or buprenorphine alone?
Do you prescribe buprenorphine (Suboxone or Subutex) for pain management?
I use meth or cocaine. Are there any medications that can help?
Can I get my mental health meds through the program?
My parole/probation officer wants me on this medication. Can you help?
If I get medications from you will my PCP/parole officer/family member know?
How do I get an appointment to talk more about medications to help with my substance use?
What if I miss an appointment, lose my medication or it is stolen?
I want to work with a Black care team – are any of your care team members Black or African American?
I want to work with a Latinx care team – are any of your care team members Latinx?
How are my belongings processed?
How does someone get admitted to residential treatment?
How long does it take to complete residential treatment?
What is residential treatment like?
Can family visit?
Is smoking or chewing tobacco allowed in residential treatment?
Are cell phones allowed?
How many people are in Residence at Fora Health?
What are the rooms like?
Do residential patients leave the facility?
Can residential patients make phone calls?
Is Fora Health a 12-step program?
How much does residential treatment cost?
Do all residential patients need withdrawal management?
What if someone changes their mind about receiving residential treatment?
How long does it take to complete the Outpatient program?
How often do patients meet with a counselor?
Does Fora Health conduct urine analysis?
Can friends and family also get support?
What if I don’t have any insurance?
Is Family Therapy covered by insurance?
What will Family Therapy look like?
How is “family” defined at Fora Health?
How does someone enroll in Family Therapy?
Who should participate in Family Therapy?
How much does the DUII Program cost?
How long does the DUII Program take?
Are DUII patients screened for substance use during the program?
Can someone enroll in Fora Health’s DUII program if they have an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Card?
Can someone fulfill their DUII compliance at Fora Health if the DUII occurred out of state?
What are the requirements for successful DUII completion?
How does someone get started?
What is Withdrawal Management?
What medications are dispensed during withdrawal management?
Does Fora Health offer withdrawal management for opioid use disorder?
What is withdrawal management treatment like?
How long does withdrawal take?
Can patients make phone calls or receive visitors while in Withdrawal Management?
What is the Withdrawal Management admission process?
Is insurance required?
Is smoking allowed?
What happens once someone completes withdrawal management?

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