Fora Health’s DUII program is designed to be accessible, effective and to fit busy schedules.

If you or someone you know received a DUII (Driving under the Influence of Intoxicants), we can help. Fora Health is an Oregon State Certified DUII services provider. We offer affordable rates, work with most insurance plans, and have a sliding scale fee schedule. We provide classes that meet the Oregon Health Authority DUII requirements and are offered at a variety of times. At Fora Health, program participants will find the tools, knowledge and support to build better habits and a healthier relationship with drugs and alcohol.

Fora Health’s DUII Program offers:

  • Affordable options and we accept most insurance plans, including most Oregon Health Plan partners. Learn more about our payment options and sliding scale rates.
  • Flexible class schedules with daytime, evening and weekend group sessions.
  • Two locations in Downtown Portland and Hillsboro.
  • Various levels of DUII treatment services. Fora Health can assist with mandated diversion or conviction programs and can meet referment requirements for DUII Education and Rehabilitation. We can also help address both new and old DUII requirements.
  • Programs that meet the requirements of DUIIs that occurred in Oregon.
  • Reliable DUII patient monitoring. Our monitoring system keeps accurate records of program progress and attendance. We ensure fast and effective reporting to the agencies and courts involved in each case. Onsite urine screening takes some of the hassle out of random urinalyses screening required as part of any DUII program.
  • We partner with organizations to support individuals who need interpretive services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does the DUII Program take?
Are DUII patients screened for substance use during the program?
Can someone enroll in Fora Health’s DUII program if they have an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Card?
Can someone fulfill their DUII compliance at Fora Health if the DUII occurred out of state?
What are the requirements for successful DUII completion?
How does someone get started?
Is insurance required?

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