Youth & Family Center

A space for healing and growth.

The Youth & Family Center opened in 1985 to support early addiction intervention for young people between 13-18 years old. We are one of only four residential youth substance use treatment programs in Oregon, and through our rigorous services we empower teens to discover lasting success—free of drugs and alcohol.

Located in Northeast Portland, we enroll 12 male-identifying youth at a time, with plans to re-open treatment for female-identifying youth in January 2022.

While in residence, teens receive 24/7 supervision and support in a semi-secure facility, earning access to communal spaces through goal completion and upon meeting behavioral expectations. Treatment typically lasts 70 to 90 days. The campus is designed to be both welcoming and practical for life onsite. Teens live in furnished double-occupancy dorm-style rooms and have access to a gym, games room, basketball court, library, and more. The Fora Health Youth & Family Center’s amenities are a key part of our work to support the whole person and in building healthier habits through wraparound care.

For a look inside the Fora Health Youth & Family Center, please scroll through the images below. We invite you to call our Access Center at (503) 535-1151 to schedule a tour and address any questions you may have.

We’re here to support you with every step.

This is your life. Your future. It really can be even brighter. Call us today and we’ll take the steps to recovery along with you.