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Fora Health Closes Youth Residential Program

After considerable thought and evaluation, the Fora Health Board of Directors with the support of senior management has made the decision to discontinue providing youth residential treatment services.

We can no longer provide the level of care these children deserve and need due to the transition to a managed care system for Medicaid, lack of referrals through Oregon’s system of care for children and youth and workforce shortages. The youth in our care have come with increasing, often debilitating, diagnoses and demand a level of care and staffing that is unsupported by Medicaid reimbursement rates and does not cover the cost of care.

“This decision breaks our heart. We turned over every stone to try to find a way forward. We simply couldn’t.” – Jay Minor, Chair, Board of Directors

We have been fortunate to have a highly dedicated and compassionate group of employees who have succeeded in providing caring and stable circumstances to the youth in our care. We are grateful for their service. We are working to transition our youth team members into other open positions at Fora Health.

Fora Health suspended this program in December 2021 with the intention of reopening in January 2022. Consequently, we have no youth in the program currently. Therefore, the closure is effective with this notice.

Fora is committed to high-quality, evidence-based and trauma-informed care for our patients where over 50,000 individuals have found hope and care on their journey to recovery. Our comprehensive approach to treatment, care, and advocacy for adults and families who are affected by substance use disorder is a constant and we will continue to serve Oregonians at our two locations in Portland and Hillsboro. For further information or questions please contact Sandy Parkin at 503-535-1172 or .