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Welcome to the board!

Fora Health is happy to welcome Dr. Terry Lundon Johnsson, Representative Rachel Prusak, and Andy Darkins as they join our board of directors.

Dr. Terry Lundon Johnsson

Dr. Johnsson currently serves as mission integration executive at Adventist Health Portland and is active in creating unique spiritual care models that benefit both the health system and the city of Portland. Thanks to his model of “let’s be friends with the community before they become patients,” Dr. Johnsson was invited to become a member of the Royal Rosarians, the oldest civil group in Portland, through which he serves as a goodwill ambassador for the city.

He also founded a nonprofit high school mentoring program, Student Healthcare Leaders, to give high school students exposure to all aspects of the healthcare world. In February 2018, Dr. Johnsson was awarded the city’s prestigious Martin Luther King Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award.

Representative Rachel Prusak

Representative Prusak has worked on the frontlines of healthcare, dedicating herself to her patients for over two decades. She is a board-certified family nurse practitioner and currently provides primary care, palliative care, and hospice care to homebound community members. Previously she served as an ambassador to the national health service corp and provided healthcare to communities across the country with an emphasis on addiction treatment and reproductive health care.

Rachel cares deeply about working with others to create a more equitable system where all Oregonians have access to comprehensive primary care that includes behavioral and reproductive healthcare. In her first session, she supported funding for Medicaid. And in the latest session, she led the charge to make sure Oregon will provide continuity of care to those on Medicaid once the public health emergency ends.

Andy Darkins

Andy serves as a Lead Advisor at Vista Capital Partners, an independent Investment Advisor in Portland. He leads client service teams that advise on investment and financial planning strategies. Prior to that, Andy worked as a fundraiser for candidates and members of Congress. He was born in Portland and went to Oregon State on a football scholarship. He’s been in recovery for eight years and attended meetings in the former De Paul basement, along with sponsoring men from the Fora Health program.