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Mission Moments: Samantha’s Mental Wellness

Samantha, a Fora Health graduate, recalls how her mental health was intertwined with her use; she took drugs to escape her anxiety and depression. As her use increased and she began taking stronger substances, Samantha yearned for sobriety.

When she first started her recovery journey, Samantha tried to maintain her sobriety without help. She would go to a treatment facility for withdrawal (detox) but didn’t want to try residential care.

After struggling to stay sober and getting into multiple car accidents while under the influence, she realized she needed help! That’s when she came to Fora, where she found wrap-around care and mental health services to support her journey to sobriety.

“I’ve been working with my mental health therapist since residential [treatment at Fora Health]. I’m so lucky I got to work with her. I’ve learned so much about myself, and I think that’s made my recovery so much stronger.”

At Fora Health, she worked on her recovery with passion and determination! She attended classes and support groups and invested a lot of time in her mental health. At Fora Health, Samantha was connected with a dual-diagnosis therapist and was able to receive her medications through our pharmacy. As Samantha transitioned into outpatient treatment, she received help finding a place to live, a long-term therapist and a medication provider.

“For the first time in a really long time, I’m okay with the person that I am. When I started using ten years ago, I didn’t think that would be possible for me. My relationship with my son is better than ever before. I feel more confident, and I’m finally working towards a career.”

At Fora Heath, we see the importance of providing mental health services alongside substance use treatment. In fact, 60% of our patients in 2022 had a co-occurring mental health condition. This May, your gifts support patients like Samantha and provide mental health services alongside evidence-based treatment programs.

In this season of giving, your generosity has the power to transform lives and help families find healing and hope. Give today: