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Mission Moments: Lindsey’s Journey to Recovery

Through the generosity of our donors, patients like Lindsey experience acceptance, develop new coping and life skills, and healing at Fora Health. Most importantly, they gain a newfound HOPE for their future.

During Covid, Lindsey lost her job, grieved a miscarriage and felt anxiety when one of her parent’s health seriously declined. She felt overwhelmed and run down, and in a moment of complete exhaustion, she said “yes” when offered a drink. Lindsey’s dependency grew quickly out of control, and she lost custody of her nine-year-old daughter.

She felt despair; she couldn’t stop drinking, but she would die if she didn’t find help. Before Lindsey came to Fora Health, she had symptoms of severe alcohol poisoning and life-threatening seizures. She kept thinking about her daughter – “I couldn’t die letting her think I didn’t try to be sober again.”

In residential treatment, everything changed! Lindsey immersed herself entirely in the programs available at Fora Health, learning how to take ownership of her life,  joining AA meetings and gaining support for her recovery with a sponsor. She sought out family therapy so she could begin to rebuild her relationship with her daughter. “This place is amazing all around – before, during and after – they take really good care of you!”

“I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for Fora Health. Every day, I wake up grateful to be alive and to know I am here for my daughter!”

At Fora, she regained control of her life. Now seven months sober, she is grateful to be alive and dreams of a career in recovery where she can help others struggling with the disease of addiction. Most importantly, she is engaged in a renewed relationship with her daughter.

Fora Health appreciates everyone who helps ensure people like Lindsey can find the care they need at Fora Health. Giving to Fora Health means patients find acceptance – treatment – sobriety – HOPE for their future!

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