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Mission Moments: Eli’s Story

For many, recovery is not a straightforward path, with as many as 2/3 of patients returning to substance use within the first few weeks of treatment. Eli, Fora Health Alum, is grateful that Fora staff encouraged him, so that wasn’t his story!

“I’m forever grateful I took that step and that journey. And that I stuck it out.”

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When Eli first came to Fora Health, he had difficulty transitioning from an independent, rural lifestyle to a structured program at an urban treatment facility in Portland. Further, his previous work as a counselor made him apprehensive about engaging with Fora’s counselors.

That changed when he met his counselor!

Eli connected with his counselor and felt they really listened, understood his concerns and treated him with dignity! When he was faced with the decision to leave Fora, and seriously considered it, his counselor helped him navigate the choice to stay in treatment at Fora Health!

During his treatment, Eli learned to open up and accept help. He worked with Fora’s nutritionist and lost 60 pounds, reducing his need for insulin and significantly improving his life!

Now, Eli’s working a new job and returning to the remodeling business. He frequently uses meditation and other stress-management techniques he learned at Fora. Ans most importantly to Eli, he’s rebuilding relationships with his family through Fora’s family therapy.

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