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KGW Talks with Fora Health’s Mike Hovey and mental health speaker Mike Veny

KGW recently did a feature on how people can maintain sobriety during the holiday season and interviewed Fora Health’s Peer Mentor Supervisor Mike Hovey and the most recent speaker in our Let’s Discuss series, Mike Veny.

Hovey said that, “The holidays can be challenging even if you’re not in recovery, but if you’re in recovery or battling that addiction disease — it’s a season of love and giving and when we have that guilt and shame, that is still right here, vibrant in our minds, and separated from our families, from our kids, from Just the wreckage of our decisions of the past.”

Veny added that, “There are changes to your routine, holiday parties, family drama, and stress and money. Those things really make it difficult to fully enjoy this time of year and it’s one of the reasons we’re all very stressed out.”

You can read the full story here that goes in-depth on ways to counteract the challenges holiday seasons have for people maintaining sobriety:

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