Family Therapy - Youth

Addiction is a family disease. And it affects every type of family.

Misuse of drugs and alcohol impacts every member of the family, regardless of how “family” is defined. As part of our commitment to comprehensive, wrap-around care, Family Therapy is a key service offered to teens in our care because it is proven to advance outcomes. In doing so, it helps families build deeper understanding and connection in the journey toward lasting change and healing.

How does Family Therapy work?

  • By examining the meaning and impact of addiction
  • By improving communication
  • By exploring boundaries
  • By increasing the quality of connection
  • By developing relapse prevention plans

Family Therapy empowers families to define what they want recovery to look like and develop their own appropriate plan to get there. On the whole, our Family Therapists treat families and support networks as the patient, ensuring the concerns and needs of the collective are properly addressed while helping people work through complex issues around re-building trust and releasing feelings of guilt, anger and frustration.

Why is Family Therapy so effective?

A focus on the entire “family” during treatment is proven to lead to more positive outcomes. It strengthens relationships and reduces the likelihood of a return to active use.

We should all remember that having a substance use disorder doesn’t make someone an expert in treatment and recovery, and patients may not be able to share everything they learn during treatment. But sharing is so important, and Family Therapy helps loved ones and support networks by inviting them into the recovery process. We also help families effectively work through family stressors that create barriers to recovery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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