Freedom Award Nomination

Fora Health’s Freedom Awards luncheon is an annual celebration of recovery that honors community members who work to end the stigma of addiction through support, advocacy and sharing their stories.

The Samuel C. Wheeler Freedom Award is presented to members of the community who help battle the stigma of addiction by openly sharing their story of recovery and giving back to the community in meaningful ways.

Addiction is not fought alone: recovery demands supportive family and friends, compassionate healthcare providers, social services and community organizations, thoughtful public policy, understanding employers, and fair judicial and law enforcement systems. In the spirit of honoring all who fight this disease, we recognize those who support and make recovery possible in our community with the Spirit of Recovery Award.

Past award recipients include: the late Sam Wheeler, the late state Senators Ben Westlund and Lenn Hannon, Izzy Covalt, Ann Miller, Dr. James Thayer, Jack Hopkins, Dr. Marvin Seppala, Roger Pollock, The Loyola Men’s Group, Ken and Joan Austin, Dennis Doherty, Nancy Engeman, John Kroger, Mark O’Donnell, Bill Dickey, Dick Withnell, Mary Monnat, the Baker Family & Friends, Judge Amy Holmes Hehn, Devarshi Bajpai, Jay Minor, Pam Pearce, Monta Knudson, Harry Wilson, Walter Bailey, Representative Tawna Sanchez, Senator Kate Lieber and Representative Rob Nosse.

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