Academic Programs

Learning at the Fora Health Alternative High School

Academic pursuits are a big part of young adult life. But for many teens struggling with addiction, school is a source of stress and anxiety that may trigger a desire to use. At Fora Health, we are familiar with this complex cycle and we know the importance of empowering students in our care with the tools and support needed to break free. This starts with each teen working one-on-one with an academic counselor to map out achievable academic goals in addition to their substance use treatment plan. Developing this process—and further refining it from planning to follow-through—helps teens build resilience, confidence, and valuable life skills.

Individualized Education Plans

Opened in 1985, our NE Portland Youth & Family Center has taught us that academic work really does support the recovery process. An essential part of our program, Fora Health is the only residential youth treatment program in Oregon that has a certified Portland Public School onsite. While here, young people engage in four to six hours of academics a day. As part of this allotted time, each teen receives personalized instruction and guidance from teachers.

Just like our treatment plans, our academic plans are highly individualized to meet each student’s unique circumstances and interests. The Fora Health Alternative High School can help students with:

  • Core Curriculum
  • Credit Recovery
  • GED Planning and Testing
  • College Admission Preparation
  • Independent Research Projects

Each teen in our care brings a unique lived experience to treatment. And in addition to providing schooling for students with substance use disorder, the Fora Health Alternative High School has successfully served students who have not met academic benchmarks, or have a history of erratic school attendance, have been suspended or expelled.

Our Philosophy

We know from experience that traditional school experiences often play a role in the development of substance use disorders. As a result, we work tirelessly to ensure that the Fora Health Alternative High School provides a positive learning environment that recognizes student strengths and encourages them to develop academically, socially, and intellectually. Our philosophy is to plant the seed of self-sufficiency in our students, foster healthy relationships within their school community, and to teach them the skills they will use in the future.

We’re here to support you with every step.

This is your life. Your future. It really can be even brighter. Call us today and we’ll take the steps to recovery along with you.